The best robot vacuums for any budget in 2021


    The best robot vacuums for any budget in 2021

    If you have unreliable Wi-Fi at home you may experience some issues with some of the most advanced robot vacuums, such as the Dyson 360 Heurist. Reports of Wi-Fi drop-outs are fairly common with this model, and it does not include a standalone remote so you do need a connection to a phone for full control. 

    Do robot vacuums learn your house layout?

    Some robot vacuum cleaners work out a map of your home. Others don’t. It tends to be the more expensive models that have room-mapping. 

    However, a good non-mapping vacuum will still be able to find the way back to its charging station. The main benefits of the smart sort are an ability to approach floor coverage a bit more efficiently and, perhaps more important, setting “no go” areas. 

    A few of the less smart models use boundary strips the robot vacuum’s sensors will recognise instead, letting you mark off these areas manually as no-go zones. Of course, this also means you may have to lay down these strips whenever you want to use the thing, depending on the layout of your home. 

    How long will a robot vacuum cleaner last?

    According to a 2018 survey by Consumer Reports in the US, robot vacuums last an average of five years. Of course, this is based on models that are, for the most part, no longer sold. 

    There is one reason a robot vacuum may last less long than a traditional vacuum: there’s a lot more to go wrong. They have additional navigation sensors, and boards that manage those sensors and the connection to your phone (where applicable). If any of these develop a fault, your robot vacuum will either not work properly or will not work at all. 

    Dyson offers a two-year guarantee with its Heurist, as iRobot does for its Roomba models. Neato and Eufy offer standard 1-year guarantees. Keep up basic maintenance to make sure you’re not accused of mistreating the thing should something go wrong. 

    Will a robot vacuum work on thick carpet?

    There are two main issues you might encounter when using a robot vacuum in a flat or home with thick carpet. It may struggle to get up onto chunky rugs and the suction force may not be strong enough to pull dirt out of the fibres. 

    For homes with such terrain you want a robot vacuum with a good amount of clearance, so its front does not get stuck on raised surfaces. Chunky wheels able to move in and out of the frame also increase that clearance when needed. Dyson goes even further, using a tank track-like underside rather than wheels. 

    How often do you have to empty a robot vacuum?

    Robot vacuums have relatively small refuse bins. How long they will work before you need to empty them depends on the size of your home and how messy the people living there are. But expect to empty them every 1-3 runs and you won’t be disappointed. 

    A few robot vacuums have a clever self-emptying feature, most notably those of the iRobot Roomba series. These can transfer the refuse they pick up to a larger compartment in the docking station, letting them carry on for weeks with minimal maintenance. 

    Will robot vacuums work for pet hair?

    All robot vacuums will try to pick up pet hair but, as with other types of dirt, models with higher suction will generally do a better job. There’s also quite a disparity in how easily hair gets tangled in a vacuum’s rollers and sweepers, which will eventually cause a drop in performance as a whole. 

    Those who suffer when allergens are about may also want to hunt down a robot vacuum with a HEPA-grade filtering system. This filters small particles just a handful of microns wide out before the air is pumped out of the vacuum’s exhaust system

    Do all robot vacuums get stuck?

    There is no perfect robot vacuum that will never get stuck. You can look at the design for clues as to when you might encounter problems. 

    Tall models might get stuck under sofas, or be unable to go under them at all. Low-clearance vacuums may get stuck on rugs. And any vacuum will work best in a reasonably tidy room. After all, would you use a regular vacuum cleaner in a room strewn with toys and bits of Lego?

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