“Unlawful”: British and Canadian Police Daunt Worshippers and Shut Down Holy Week Services


    “Illegal”: British and Canadian Police Intimidate Worshippers and Close Down Holy Week Providers

    rumble.com Over the Easter weekend, the most holy of the Christian holidays, bold attempts to impose coronavirus constraints led authorities in London to daunt worshipers and disrupt and shut down Great Friday Mass. In Alberta, Canada, the Royal Canadian Installed Authorities (RCMP) attempted to halt a Saturday Passover service.

    Released in London on Friday was terrible video footage catching 2 uniformed policemans taking to the pulpit at the request of the priest of South London’s Christ the King Polish Roman Catholic Church during the middle of an Excellent Friday Mass. The priest, visibly shaken, demands that the officers explain to the parish why they are interrupting the service.

    A male officer then states, “Ladies and gentleman, this gathering is regrettably illegal under the coronavirus guidelines we have currently.” Standing beside him is a female officer whose arms are folded tightly throughout her chest, evoking a threatening position of authority.

    He continues, “You are not allowed to fulfill inside with this lots of people under law. At this moment in time, you need to go home. Failure to adhere to this direction to leave and go to your home address eventually could lead you to be fined ₤ 200. Or if you stop working to provide your information to you being apprehended. I suggest … though it is Good Friday and I value that you would like to praise, that this gathering is illegal. So please might you leave.”

    The scene is strangely similar to the history that led up to the horrors of World War II, the increase of Nazi Germany, the Soviet takeover in Communist Russia, or Mao Tse-tung’s”

    Great Leap Forward.” In a declaration from the Metropolitan Cops, as reported by the British Daily Mail on Friday, “Officers participated in and found a great deal of people inside the church. Some people were not wearing masks and those present were plainly not socially distanced. Comprehending the sensitivity of the situation, officers engaged with the priest outside the church and were invited inside to deal with the congregation. No fixed charge notices were issued.”

    However, according to worshiper Tomsz Niewiadomski, who went to Friday’s mass, “Everyone was using masks and sitting apart from each other. There was a reservation system so there was just a certain variety of people inside. We understand we have to respect the law. It looked like the authorities did not know what we could and could not do.”

    Another parishioner described, “We respected the guidelines to do with Covid, individuals are permitted to go to church as long as we follow the guidelines. It doesn’t make sense what the police did. If you go to the grocery store people are gathered inside, even better together and it is permitted.”

    While some worshippers seemed outraged, lots of followed the guidelines, obliging the federal government’s totalitarian orders to limit services on one of the most important calendar days of the year for Christians.

    Today, Easter Sunday, congregants returned to Christ the King to celebrate Easter services. Dozens of households were required to listen outdoors in compliance with overbearing government-mandated COVID rules. Images taken inside the church today represent worshippers socially distanced, with no more than five-six to a seat. The images are plain.

    “Usually there would be many, many people, however on Friday there were only a couple of compared to previous years … The timing of the police intervention was also bad since the authorities can be found in prior to we could take the eucharist, which for us is extremely crucial. Also the police were not very respectful. The female officer was available in, walked and based on the altar. I do not know if she does not think in God, however it could have been handled much better and more respectfully,” said another member of the parish.

    Following Friday’s disruption, Christ the Follower Parafia (parish priest) Chrystusa Krola declared the Metropolitan Cops “extremely exceeded their powers.” “We asked the police authorities to explain the incident and we are awaiting their action,” Krola stated, urging attendees of Friday’s Mass to send protests to the cops.

    “Bishop of Buckingham Rt. Rev Alan Wilson likewise questioned breaking up the service, telling Channel 4 News that the ‘Federal government requires to clarify its coronavirus guidelines for churches,'” according to the Daily News.

    Social media erupted with remarks, berating authorities for their “disgraceful” and “deeply offensive” handling of the situation. “There were 10 cases give or take reported in the whole of Wandsworth with population over 300k … Regional supermarkets were a lot more packed yesterday. The authorities response was disproportionate and appears to be targeting the Polish neighborhood,” tweeted Bounette.

    : This is headed into a far darker location. If more individuals and

    more pastors are not happy to run the risk of fines and arrest to keep houses of worship open and operating at full capacity, the federal government’s overreach of power will escalate. Unfortunately, individuals remain overwhelmingly loyal. “Out Nazis!” Alternatively, Polish Pastor Artur Pawlowski

    of Street Church Ministries in

    Calgary, Alberta,”a multi-denominational, multi-ethnical ministry of believers, who have actually been reborn in the spirit of the Lord,” eliminated six cops officers who appeared at his church property disrupting Passover services hung on the evening of Saturday, April 3. In an effective video that went viral online, Pastor Pawlowski can be heard consistently screaming at the authorities

    , requiring they “get out instantly!”Shouting in a thick Eastern European accent, the pastor who left communism in Poland and has openly opposed against

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian federal government demands that the uniformed officers who can be seen standing near the entryway of the building for the whole length of the extreme five-minute video”right away go out and don’t come back. “”I don’t want to speak to you … I don’t care what you need to say. Out, out, out, of this residential or commercial property, Nazis! “States Pastor Pawlowski to a female officer.”Go, go, and don’t come back without a warrant … Nazis are not invite here, Gestapos are not welcome here. Do not return you Nazi psychopaths. Unbelievable, sick, wicked people. Challenging people in the church throughout the Passover. You Gestapos, Nazis, Communists, Fascists. Do not you attempt coming back here.” The pastor then turns the cam on himself and sobs,”

    what is wrong with those ill psychopaths. It’s beyond me … How dare they … We’re residing in a takeover of the federal government with their realities, guns, brown shirts … pertaining to the church armed with weapons and tasers and handcuffs to daunt throughout Passover celebration. “”They wish to shackle us all like the Egyptians. They wish to be Pharaohs these days. People, if you will not get up, stand up. I don’t understand what is going to happen tomorrow if Canadians do not increase up. Look what is occurring in Germany … You can’t even leave from one city to the other. Is that the future you desire? Is that the future you want for your children and your grandchildren?” “Friends, you need to join the fight … We have rallies every

    week … We require to file suits versus their madness today while we still have that window of chance. Since if we do not do it now, I don’t think we are going to have tomorrow. Our rights are being removed from us so quickly, it’s astounding. “Pastor Pawlowski has actually been really outspoken in his cautions versus”

    trespassing Communism,”as governments tighten their grips on neighborhoods in the name of health and wellness. He has actually held weekly Gospel readings on the steps of Calgary’s Municipal government, as he stands bravely for the liberty to praise easily. Released at Sun, 04 Apr 2021 22:58:33 +0000