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What’s your most humiliating accomplishment?& quest;


What’s your most humiliating achievement?

& mission

; THE PCG Q&A Sure, caring about videogame benefits that total up to small squares you can display to other individuals who appreciate small squares is a bit awkward to begin with. But some are a little more humiliating than others.Yakuza 0 gives you an

achievement for enjoying a hot video, and Nier: Automata has one for searching for 2B’s battle skirt 10 times. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has an accomplishment for flipping 5 carriages, which you can only do by shooting the horses pulling them like some kind of beast. Prey gives you one for dying in the very first scene– before the enemies have even appeared– which you can just do by being daft enough to question what takes place if you press the jump button under helicopter blades.( What happens is you pass away. And get an achievement.)What’s your most humiliating achievement?Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.Morgan Park: Looks like I have the unusual achievements in Day of Defeat: Source for getting 150 knife kills(on the Allies)and the separate

accomplishment for 150 shovel kills (on the Axis ). I can discuss: I used to play a lot of Day of Defeat on the exact same server every day, and every as soon as in a while I ‘d get tired of guns and see how many melee eliminates I might get without dying. I ‘d hurry directly into machinegun fire, serpentine through the streets, or sneak into opponent area and wait in popular sniper nests. The humiliating part is that this sometimes meant standing totally still for 10 to 15 minutes for the ideal chance. Wow, I had a lot of time at that time. < source type=" image/webp "alt="An elven princess"class ="expandable lazy-image-van optional-image "onerror=" if( this.src & & this.src.indexOf(' missing-image. svg' )!==-1 ); this.parentNode.replaceChild(window.missingImage(), this)"sizes ="(min-width: 1000px) 970px, calc(100vw-40px)"data-normal="https://vanilla.futurecdn.net/pcgamer/media/img/missing-image.svg"data-original-mos ="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/wgojvuvGiFqpG5ECQdZLGG.jpg"data-pin-media= "https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/wgojvuvGiFqpG5ECQdZLGG.jpg"srcset="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/wgojvuvGiFqpG5ECQdZLGG-320-80.jpg.webp 320w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/wgojvuvGiFqpG5ECQdZLGG-650-80.jpg.webp 650w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/wgojvuvGiFqpG5ECQdZLGG-970-80.jpg.webp 970w">(Image credit: Larian)Jody Macgregor: Divinity: Dragon Commander is not a terrific video game– the bits where it’s an RTS and you’re a dragon with a jetpack noise more enjoyable than they are– and I understood I was just going to finish it once. So I figured I ‘d see as much of it as I possibly might in one playthrough.As a single dragon emperor in possession of a good fortune I was naturally in want of a wife. Or, as it turned out, several better halves. I romanced each princess, followed her story through to the end and then(when I ‘d tired all her discussion), orchestrated her death or failure so I could marry the next one, collecting them all like

Pokémon. Wow, did I make a great deal of questionable accomplishments. Consisting of one called Henry II, with the description, “Oops, you have actually imprisoned your partner.” Tim Clark: I think the majority of what I would consider my gaming achievements are embarrassing in that few individuals would be

impressed by them, however I’m strangely happy with opening the Conqueror seal in Destiny 2 and for doing all the raids perfectly(ie without dying). I also still feel warm inside remembering the very first time I hit Legend in Hearthstone, bedridden with flu, jamming Zoo video games in a fugue state. Nevertheless, the one that haunts me– which in the lack of children will be my tradition– will be my Do not Starve base. You can really see a video of it, which I produced GamesRadar after breezing past the 270-in-game-day mark. At that point I had industrialised honey production, had frigidaires stocked with sufficient comestibles to outlast any winter, and a strenuous trap systemand kill space for handling interlopers. Similar to all such human endeavour, I was ultimately reversed by hubris and overreach. I forget exactly what the cause of death was, however I vividly recall my resurrection meat effigy popping only for me to pass away once again as the base burned around me. Is a male not entitled to the sweat of his brow?Evan Lahti: Recently I’ve been thinking back about LawBreakers after facing some old evaluation screenshots in a folder(do not hesitate to imagine this like an emotional scrapbook montage set to Sarah McLachlan music). It’s a video game that got disproportionate unfavorable attention back in 2017– I can’t keep in mind a game that people appeared as thrilled about as this stopping working to find an audience. It had some genuine flaws. The art direction, in retrospection, wasn’t extremely coherent. There were too numerous modes. But it was absolutely”a complex, physical, and deep competitive shooter,”as I composed in my review,” an uncompromising game that does not make apologies for its high ability ceiling.”Anyway, it turns out I’m in the leading one percent of some beautiful mundane-sounding accomplishments, which is sad– somehow of the modest thousands of players who delved into LawBreakers, I was one of 0.4 percent to” Get 25 kills while using the Fight Medic’s Hoverpack,”and one of 1.4 percent to “Get 25 kills with the Hammerhead,”among the normal weapons for the Titan class. None of the achievements are over 10 percent completion, which is definitely nuts. It implies that a vast bulk of folks who downloaded the video game hardly dipped a toe in. An embarassment. < img src ="https://vanilla.futurecdn.net/pcgamer/media/img/missing-image.svg" alt="Chris briefly tops the leaderboard in Poker Club"class= "lazy-image-van optional-image" onerror ="if (this.src & & this.src.indexOf('missing-image. svg ')!== -1 ); this.parentNode.replaceChild (window.missingImage( ), this)"sizes ="( min-width: 1000px )970px, calc(100vw-40px)"data-normal= "https://vanilla.futurecdn.net/pcgamer/media/img/missing-image.svg "data-srcset= "https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/ssDZnNKTiTpnfdrjwTqDe6-320-80.jpg 320w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/ssDZnNKTiTpnfdrjwTqDe6-650-80.jpg 650w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/ssDZnNKTiTpnfdrjwTqDe6-970-80.jpg 970w "data-original-mos="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/ssDZnNKTiTpnfdrjwTqDe6.jpg"data-pin-media ="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/ssDZnNKTiTpnfdrjwTqDe6.jpg">(Image credit: Ripstone Games) Christopher Livingston: I’ll be truthful, I stopped taking notice of achievements a long time earlier. I can’t believe of the last time I went to humiliating lengths to get one, let alone even briefly making a small effort to tick an easy one off the list.However, I still have something humiliating to contribute! Sometimes we get to play video games early, and sometimes those are multiplayer video games with leaderboards. And as one of the few people with access to the game, it makes it extremely simple to get to the top of the worldwide leaderboard. It’s a non-achievement, being the top gamer worldwide in a video game where the world consists of perhaps a lots other individuals, and yet I still like the feeling of being up there.

So much so I will always screenshot my pointless, hollow triumph. When I played Poker Club(the poker game with ray-tracing)the day prior to it was launched, there resembled 6 other people playing it. But I was the very best. The very best of them! Briefly! Appearance, it’s all I’ve got. Let me have that.JCgames: It does not exist, However Battletech needs to have an achievement for having a drop ship land and kill your entire lance. Maybe there wouldn’t be numerous rage posts for missing the markers on the ground stating “dropship landing zone” Beat the mission then pass away to your pick-up, Pure gold.Sadly it does not

exist.< source type="image/webp"alt ="Hunt: Face-off gameplay screenshot with massive explosion"class="lazy-image-van optional-image"onerror="if(this.src & & this.src.indexOf('missing-image. svg')!==-1 ); this.parentNode.replaceChild(window.missingImage( ), this)"sizes="(min-width &&: 1000px)970px, calc(100vw-40px) "data-normal="https://vanilla.futurecdn.net/pcgamer/media/img/missing-image.svg"data-original-mos=" https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/KjMkzRmk5TjbRwg3uuy8jK.jpg"data-pin-media="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/KjMkzRmk5TjbRwg3uuy8jK.jpg"srcset="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/KjMkzRmk5TjbRwg3uuy8jK-320-80.jpg.webp 320w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/KjMkzRmk5TjbRwg3uuy8jK-650-80.jpg.webp 650w, https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/KjMkzRmk5TjbRwg3uuy8jK-970-80.jpg.webp 970w">